Berserk 19 Reaction

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  1. It’s amazing how many things you missed here: Griffith clearly has feelings for Guts (maybe even romantic). Griffith’s wound was caused by Guts’s blade just scratching his shoulder. It’s pretty much obvious.

    1. Part of the beauty of this moment is that Guts and Griffith care about each other so much while so horrifically misunderstanding each other. Guts feels Griffith doesn’t care about him and wants to prove himself worthy of being his true friend. He thinks Griffith hates him for being a traitor. Griffith sees Guts trying to leave and thinks that Guts hates him. As shown in the pond scene with Casca Griffith will say one thing while feeling another so despite his claims of only being friends with an equal Griffith cares about Guts more than anyone else.

    2. Griffiths scar here is not from this duel between him and Guts. He has sex with Charlotte the same evening, and that was an old scar. Not a fresh wound. Guts’s blade also did not connect with him in this duel, he stopped it before the hit as we see.

  2. that was kind of annoying at the end. calvin was asking about lower nobles and high nobles and they just cut him off. also eric was right about the timing between the dress talk and the poisoning. rick where u at? speculation is fine but at least keep the details in line so they dont derail

  3. Man they really missed a lot in this one. I hope they don’t end up thinking the show is not great because they missed so much of the motivations and great character complexities that makes berserk unlike anything else