Berserk 23 Reaction

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  1. The helmet is just a writing device: Don’t show… just insinuate…. Griffith is suppossed to look so hideous that the author left that to our imagination what he could looke like that is way more scary because we make the worse in our heads. If Miura showed his face the impact would lasted a few minutes then he would be just another Quasimodo.

    Also the contrast between the helmet and the gaunt body it’s a perfect choice: the perfect contrast between old and new Griffith.

    1. Also, it’s not his helmet. It is a torture device, a prisoners iron mask. Some medieval convicts punished for treason were made to wear an iron mask in the dungeons for the rest of their life so as to erase their identity, unmake them as a person. His iron mask has been intentionally designed to look like his hawk helmet, to mock him.

    1. Even if they still release their reactions to episode 24 and 25 on separate weeks, they should still be filmed by the crew back to back. Splitting them up with a week in-between would definitely lower the impact of the entire event on them.

  2. I loved Rick’s haunted look through the whole eclipse sequence. This is going to be a fun series of reactions from here on in, and although I wasn’t sure at the time, in retrospect I’m so glad they left the first episode to the end.

  3. Griffith acted like a B who never got her feelings respected and then he F every thing up XD and after that he was like “yeah i had a dream” -_- BTW I think Griffith never held anyone near and dear to his heart so his love for Guts was most likely extraordinary in his eays and I think his feelings are platonic in my opinion.

  4. I haven’t revisited the next 2 episodes in the anime since I first watched them 7+ years ago and I don’t dare read that part in the manga …… it’s all coming back to me, it did mess with me way longer then it should…. it still does

  5. That Erik and Calvin staring at Rick was perfect way to end the reaction lol.

    Wish you could just drop the next couple of episodes, cant wait to see their reactions.

  6. Are you guys thinking about watching Berserk 2016?? The animation has problems but most of the manga’s story was still adapted (although they did skip an entire arc)

  7. Aarons complaints about this demon stuff coming “out of nowhere” is exactly why Berserk is supposed to be watched and read in the order the author intended, not by putting the prologue to the end of it… It’s supposed to have a prologue in present day and then a long flashback showing how it came to that dark age of demons everywhere. I’d say Kentaro Miura knows better the proper order for storytelling than random fans coming up with their own ideas of viewing order.