Berserk 24 Reaction

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  1. Come on Rick, at this point you should explain the differences between apostles and Godhand members and regular and Scarlet Beherit. It’s not a spoiler anymore given it isn’t really explained in the anime. Also that “dream” was his past mixed with whatever Godhand wanted to feed Griffith. It was an abstract illusion. The Guts memory was from the series after Griffith killed the queen. The Godhand used Guts (the most important person for Griffith) own words to convince him.

    Also please react to Berserk movies… some people doesn’t like the CGI but at last we get the aftermath of the Eclipse.

    1. I really liked the movies. For 2013 the CGI was good IMO. The last movie does gives more closure than the 1997 anime, but to truly enjoy this story they should read the Manga.

      1. The last movie completely butchers the entire Eclipse in so many ways. From everything being blue instead of red and black like it’s supposed to be (just doesn’t look nearly as intimidating as this blue space), to the CGI animation ruining a lot of the dramatic death scenes, way more censorship than the 1997 anime (completely leaving out what happened to Casca before Femto arrives), and Guts literally just standing there like a cuck yelling at Femto “what are you doing bro” while he’s raping Casca, wtf is that about? In the manga and 1997 anime he can’t help Casca because his hand is stuck inside an Apostles jaw. In the movie he just stands there for like a minute watching lmao.
        What a shitshow those movies are.

        1. I’m not sure we watched the same movie. I quite distinctly remember Guts cutting his arm off and getting pretty close to stabbing Femto in the eye.

    2. There is no point in reacting to the movies. They are awful, they butcher 90% of the scenes totally and the only good thing about the entire trilogy is showing how they get out of the Eclipse and the short aftermath scenes. Even the Eclipse itself was completely ruined in the third movie and went nothing like in the manga, it is far more loyal in the 1997 anime.

  2. I don’t want to be that person but with the way the scene is laid out it’s like 95% the case that nothing shown in the scene of the past is like, literally what happened. It’s *all* visual metaphor which is why none of it actually makes any sense (not just Ubik and Conrad doing a three-kids-in-a-trench-coat thing but also the starkly empty city, portrayed with deep shadows contrasted with the damn near angelic castle in the sky). You’re not supposed to interpret any of that as what physically happened in his past, though I don’t blame anyone who would, especially nowadays when a lot of media is constructed for you to assume that everything is literally physically happening and is all connected in a linear manner in some way.

    It’s why I rlly rlly like this adaptation… A lot of Berserk fans do not like it because it’s “incomplete” and, especially towards the end, outright removes a lot of story content (despite none of what was being cut being that relevant to the overall themes), but like, for its limited budget is done A LOT with visual metaphor. The stark color contrasts, the brilliantly executed Hirasawa compositions to accompany every scene and style change… This show is fucking brilliant. And even if it doesn’t literally adapt Miura’s beautiful art to completion (and as we see with the more recent Berserk CG series this is not necessarily a good goal to have..) it absolutely does so in spirit with these last three episodes (as well as other scattered moments through the series).

    1. It`s not your fault. They tend to take everything “literally”. It’s a metaphorical state of mind. Godhand members were trying to lure Griffith using tricks… using his past along his philosophy and other experiences like Guts speech. It’s a shame that sometimes Blindwave is THIS DENSE.

    2. well they did cut out some which were important to to source material thematically and for Gut’s character development
      like guts opening up to caska about his own father selling him for 3 silver coins
      without that part…it kinda renders tat romantic scene between caska and guts kinda pointless
      they also did cut out some of the discussions that guts had with judeau at some points in the story as well
      the show was good, but could have bee even better had it not excluded all of those scenes

  3. Can’t believe they didn’t watch this and the next episode back-to-back. It’s a short series but man these two should have been a mini-movie from the very beginning.

  4. I don’t like the translation in the dub where Griffith makes the choice to sacrifice them all, he says “I submit”, when actually he says “I sacrifice.”

    1. Not only that. He also says in the dub “You are the only one who obscures the vision of my dream”. The original speech was “You are the only one who made me forget my dream”, The real dialogue implies a lot more romantic tension that was censored in the dub. When Guts and Grifffith meet the first time the original phrase was “I want you”… the dub changed to “I want you to join us”. Sadly this anime was released in 90s… America wasn’t ready for homoerotic relationship.

      1. Yes I forgot to mention that. “The only one who made me forget my dream” is in the official manga translations as well, it’s the real line, and it’s very important for the story. The dubs translation makes it pretty unclear what Griffith means there. He literally forgot about even trying to become a king because he cared more about Guts. The dubbed anime does not give the viewers that idea at all.

  5. Lol Aaron really wanted to make this experience miserable for Rick huh? He was nitpicky the whole series and made awkward jokes the whole episode. Hope he isn’t like this next episode.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed Berserk. Too bad this series hasn’t gotten a proper adaptation while every dumb Isekai idea gets an anime. Gonna have to read the manga.

    1. Yeah he’s a genuinely annoying person in every one of their reactions. He’s always complaining about everything even though his complaints aren’t even grounded in logic, he’s grasping at straws to come up with complaints non-stop for every scene. And the endless unfunny puns…

    1. Void’s design is actually literally inspired by the Martian leader from Mars Attacks, Miura has said this in an interview. So it’s funny they immediately commented that.

  6. Berserk post-anime manga read-a-long for Patrons! I love ’97, but it pales in comparison. You don’t have to put any images on screen, just put volume/chapter/page number on screen as you turn!

  7. Godamm can Arron PLEASE stop asking what everything is? Its literally every time the shot changes Arron has to ask “Whos that!? Whats This!? Whats happening!?” What are you expecting Arron, Rick to just pause the video and calmly explain to you the name and information of every time a new character or setting appears? It’s just so constant I can’t help but feel its drawing the others out of the story! Please, save your questions for AFTER the reaction. I just don’t understand whhyyyy!!
    Damm you Arron, damn you to hell!!!

    Hope Mel and the kids are doing well. Be well and godbless.