Berserk 25 Reaction

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  1. Wow Beserk really switched up it’s animation style and story telling in this episode. I don’t know what it is, but it almost reminds me of Star Wars Rebels.

  2. Aaron is always nitpicking everything. There is no fighting in this situation. Escaping was better because there was a minimal chance to find an exit from their perspective… but no chance at all to beat those apostles. Besides average human would completely broken expericing a living nightmare like this.

      1. I don’t think he knows. He seems pretty slow. Doesn’t understand any of the things that have been explained throughout the series very well. Like complaining that the Eclipse makes no sense and comes out of nowhere, even though Zodd literally prophesied it multiple times and we saw Guts thinking about Zodd’s prophecy multiple times. What’s clearer than Zodd saying stuff like “The Eclipse draws near… soon, the demon kings will arrive”?

        1. Aaron knows what’s happening, besides which holy crap, if all four of them constantly agreed on absolutely everything, Blind Wave would be in no way entertaining to watch. Does anyone realize how many other anime he’s watched alongside his friends? He nitpicks Naruto but no one takes him seriously because Naruto doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s harder I guess to see the joke when the series is far darker and more mature.

          Or when they watched Kingsman and Rick didn’t like it? Are we going to poo-poo him for having a different perspective? Of course not. Let Aaron have a voice, it should enrich these videos because it helps generate dialogue. If we don’t want dialogue, then we’re actually just watching 4 dudes look at a screen and not talk. That’s not even reaction-worthy at that point.

      2. No offense to him, but whenever it comes to an anime reaction its like Aaron turns off his brain and just nitpicks. There so many times in so many different anime reactions where he just confuses stuff that should be common sense. He has no critical thinking when watching an anime.

  3. Its implied in previous episode that all the Godhand used a crimson Behelit like Griffith, so I’m pretty confident that they too were once human.

  4. See how fantastic the animation was this episode? Who says a great adaptation of Berserk is impossible? They even capture Miura’s excellent detail as best they could. Femto flying down from the God Hand was animated beautifully. In my many years of reading manga I’ve found only two Japanese artists have been able to capture demons in their true grimdark and grotesque representation. Go Nagai and Kentaro Miura.

    RIP Miura, you legend!

  5. It’s probably worth it to watch the third movie since it actually shows the events after the eclipse leading up to the first episode, along with some fantastic animation and skull knight is here too. Also rest in piece, Miura.

    1. No way dude the movie completely butchers the whole Eclipse. The only good parts about it are Skull Knight scenes and seeing what happens after the Eclipse. I’d be fine with them watching the scenes where Skull Knight appears, then the scene where we see him and Zodd fighting outside the Eclipse, and then from the moment where he busts in to save them on to the end of the movie. But the movie as a whole is bad and ruins far more scenes than it adapts faithfully.

  6. This episode showed how much I cared about the characters because it sort of soured my opinion on the show as a whole. I was so revolted by what happened it made me like berserk less. I’m sure that’s what is intended but I think I take issue most with how they portrayed casca while Griffith was raping her, why the hell they make it look like she’s enjoying it??? Literally no one could enjoy that, does not matter if she loves Griffith before she’s seen the people she loves die and is being held down by demons but they make her moan in pleasure? Wth…

    1. They did that for censorship. Her rape in the manga is very violent and brutal. Can’t show that on TV. They literally had no other choice but to make the movements slow and subtle and Casca soundless, since this was aired on Japanese TV.

      1. Yeah I was completely wrong, I haven’t watched the scene since I first saw it and it disgusted me (like it’s supposed to) but thanks for being an asshole about it and making my day worse

    2. And wth are you even on about “anime girl moans”, Cascas voice is literally muted throughout the entire rape scene. We hear zero moans. Sounds like you imagined the whole thing.

    3. You’re a complete moron. “Over sexualization of Casca” absolutely no such thing. Literally the most well written female character in any animated series ever.
      Just go read the manga you ass, you don’t get to make dumbass theories and complaints if you haven’t even done that yet. Especially when you’re making up a bunch of nonsense that’s not even in the anime adaptation.

  7. RIP Miura. Blind Wave watching this got me to read the Manga. It was the first time I’ve ever dived into any Manga, and I just caught up recently. Such a great story, such a great loss.

  8. Eric: “Any after credits stuff?”
    Rick, who supposedly has seen this countless times: “No.”
    There literally is an after credits scene… Guts at Godot’s place, getting the Dragonslayer and leaving to hunt Griffith. Kind of ridiculous that you don’t know that Rick.

      1. He said that in the review, which I saw after this. He says there is no after credits scene here in the reaction video. That still doesn’t explain how he doesn’t know there is an after credits scene if he’s seen this a few times. He should know, cmon.

  9. I can’t believe Aaron is literally whining for like 10 minutes in the review about them not just staying and fighting. Is he just incredibly unintelligent or what is the deal here? No one in that situation would stay and fight instead of trying to escape out of there. You’re outnumbered by demons that each take like 10 soldiers to kill. You’re literally going mad from what you are seeing. This is the most moronic complaint I have ever in my life seen about anything. He just loves to nitpick and whine about everything for the sake of whining, there’s no reason to any of it, he just likes doing it. So what is he even doing on this channel as a member? He contributes nothing.

    1. ??? I love how you’re whining and bitching about Aaron whining. You should probably make a few more posts about it to really hammer it in lol

      1. It’s a warranted criticism, he’s literally ruining it for the others and the viewers both. It’s more interesting that you are literally the only person defending him, everyone else seems to agree with me.

  10. You can see from Ricks stare throughout the whole thing how sick of Aarons bullshit he is. Nothing but the most idiotic drivel coming out of that simpletons mouth, non stop.

  11. Sir Adon first appears in the manga during the battle where he knocks Guts and Casca off the cliff, and he was portrayed as a formidable fighter. Then he became a comic relief character during the next battle where Casca kills him. All those several appearances of him in the early anime are filler.

  12. There’s an after-credits and I hope they watch that skipped episode. Alas, they watch these episodes weeks earlier and they won’t be affected by our messages.
    The last manga chapter took nearly 5 years to show.

          1. Assuming they haven’t read volumes 39 and 40, there was a 4 year gap between volumes 37 and 38

  13. I’m not sure how you forget about the post-credits scene when you have such an anticlimactic ending. Come on. I’m hoping Rick realized his mistake and made them watch it before episode 1.

  14. So where are those “it’s not rape” assholes to try and justify this scene. Using some out of context manga panels huh. You gonna say this isn’t rape either?

    1. Uh…what are you talking about? I’ve never heard anyone try to say that this wasn’t rape. The manga and pretty much every other official source refer to it as rape.

    2. Oh you’re that drooling simpleton who unironically thinks Griffith raped the princess, hilarious. That was consensual. No one has said this wasn’t rape. These are two different scenes. I know it might be confusing for 70 IQ simpletons like you, but try to keep up.

    3. It’s so convenient for you to suddenly pretend like you didn’t lose that argument back then, now that those comments are not on the same page for all here to see. But dozens of other commenters all agreed in unison that Griffith did not rape the princess, you alone tried to claim he did, and you got absolutely demolished in that argument through facts and logic. Wouldn’t really bring up something that embarrassing for you again if I was you. You literally got proven wrong, don’t go trying to pretend now that it didn’t go down that way.

    1. His “passion” comes off as edge lord and someone you don’t want to even have a conversation with. There’s a fine line being passionate about something and being a dick to everyone.

  15. Also, you guys did make a reaction to a Death Battle featuring Guts vs Nightmare a few years back, it’s be pretty cool if you guys could check out that vid again, or something like that, preferably once y’all read further into the manga.