Berserk Bloopers Reaction

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  1. For me, when I first read it back in the day I like the order they did things because they establish the world as it is currently so that when the do the golden age arc you have a sense of foreboding. You KNOW something is going to happen, and that foreboding turns into dread as a pit continues to grow in your stomach. Right up until the moment when you see that eclipse and everything you thought would happen ends up much worse.

    1. Yes, that kind of storytelling was very much intended by Miura and that is why you are supposed to read/watch the story in his intended order. You get a lesser experience by skipping the Black Swordsman arc until you’ve seen the Golden Age. Since Rick did not actually experience it in the correct order his first time, he doesn’t know the Eclipse is the most shocking plot twist any reader/viewer has ever experienced despite knowing from the start Griffith becomes a bad guy. Nothing can prepare you for that carnage, especially if you were reading the manga where the Eclipse is hundred times more brutal.