Better Call Saul 2×3 Reaction

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  1. I grew up Jehovah Witness and the reason they still recruit is because everyone will still live on Earth as a paradise and 144,000 will go to heaven. They actually always say that the 144K have probably been picked long ago lol it’s a weird religion

  2. I think people tend to misunderstand why Cliff was so angry at what Jimmy did – as someone who worked in Marketing, I know just how many goddamn sign-offs with higher ups anything with the company name on it needs before it ever reaches the public eye. That’s why most corporate messaging is usually sterile and boring (like that original ad they had), and that’s why whenever something slightly off brand gets posted by a company Twitter account, their response is usually “this wasn’t approved and the person responsible was fired.”
    Jimmy could’ve made the most by-the-book, lawful, professional ad in the world, and he still would’ve gotten in trouble because he’s not important enough to not ask for permission.