Better Call Saul 3×2 Reaction

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  1. It really is one of the best made show’s I’ve ever watched in my almost 45 years. Also as a Sci-Fi alternative I wish you guys would watch Battlestar Galactica from 2004… please……pretty please 🙂

  2. Francesca is also from Breaking Bad! She’s Sauls secretary, though she’s a lot more aloof in the future.

    The whole conversation about the DMV is also a reference to Breaking Bad; in Breaking Bad, Saul makes a joke about threatening to send Francesca back to the DMV. The writers didn’t know that it’s not actually called the DMV in New Mexico, so they corrected their mistake in this episode by having Jimmy also be wrong about it but refusing to stop calling it the DMV

  3. Yeah what Chuck did was not cool but did you forget why? Jimmy making the decision to tamper with his brothers files, in the guise of helping him, and making Chuck look like he was crazy just to get Mesa Verde back for Kim was off the rails. Chuck retained a client in a legal manner and Jimmy responded with an illegal action. Even though it was messed up, Chuck still worked within the law to tape Jimmy, and Jimmy responded again illegally. Chuck is in the right here.