Better Call Saul 4×10 Reaction

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  1. You had it right the first time Rick. In the car he was legit crying over Chuck thinking about The winner takes it all cold open and finally realizing he’s gone. It’s in the script. Favorite episode!

  2. This is one of the most dense episodes of the series and on top of that it ties so many things together between Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

    -First of we have the scene of Chuck being next to Jimmy and representing him at the bar hearing (because if he didnt do that Jimmy would have known that Chuck doesnt want Jimmy to be a lawyer, a thing Jimmy realises way later in Season 1 episode 8).

    -Then we get the karaoke song scene. You can see Jimmy try to sing a duet with Kim but she denies him. Which should remind you of the theme that started from season 2, and is still ongoing, of Jimmy trying to have an office with Kim but to no avail, still to this day. Then we get to the “Winner takes it all” segment. You guys quickly noticed the dynamic of them singing where it was Jimmy, then Jimmy and Chuck and then just Chuck, but take a closer look at the lyrics of the song. Jimmy sings “I don’t wanna talk — About things we’ve gone through –Though it’s hurting me — Now it’s history ” the literal theme of this whole season has been Jimmy not opening up and processing his feelings towards Chuck, and putting all that behind him, a clean slate. Jimmy continues “I’ve played all my cards –And that’s what you’ve done too –Nothing more to say –No more ace to play”, which we literally saw in previous seasons, both of them screwing each other over and Chucks final ace which was his “You never mattered all that much to me”, more on that later. You can continue and dissect the rest of the lyrics yourself, really amazing scene.

    -Then we get to see Chuck take care of Jimmy, a reversal of what we saw in previous seasons, maybe this is something he has done often. Building their complex twisted relationship even more.

    -Jimmy asking Kim at the graveyard how he LOOKED, with her asking him how he FELT and Jimmy answering “FELT like I LOOKED sad”. Another amazing moment.

    -Chucks death was foreshadowed way back in season 1, with more than a few mentions of his house catching on fire. But this season a new theme was introduced, Jimmy subconsciously saying stories of people being SAVED from FIRES. You can hear it when he is talking on the phone for the Huell scam, how there was a fire in the church and Huell went right in and pulled people out, and in this episode with him saving Judge Papadumium from the fire. Again subconsciously thinking and grieving about Chuck.

    -His whole speech to Kristy Esposito, “the shoplifter”, was actually about himself and his relationship with Chuck. “You made a mistake and they are never forgetting it”, perfectly describes his past with Chuck and how Chuck thought Jimmy could change. “They will smile at you, pat you on the head but they are never LETTING YOU IN”, just how Chuck never let him be part of HHM. “You are not gonna play by the rules, you are gonna cut corners and you are gonna win” pretty self-explanatory. “They are on the 35th floor, you are on the 50th floor, YOU are gonna be LOOKING DOWN on them”, remember his whole argument with Kim at the end of last episode, “You come DOWN and roll in the dirt with Slippin Jimmy and then you go to your shiny office in the SKY” with Kim replying “Jimmy you are always DOWN”. And the final nail in the coffin ” Make them suffer because YOU NEVER MATTERED ALL THAT MUCH TO THEM” literal word for word the last thing Chuck said to Jimmy.

    -Rick had a great interpretation of the connection between Jimmy crying in the car and the last thing he said to Kristy which was “Remember, the winner takes it all”, and thats correct it has to do with the song, but I do want to add to that. We see Jimmy going past the dented trash can (which we know he dented all the way back in season 1, from his frustrations with Howard) and he is literally on the lowest floor of the parking BENEATH HHM. Mind you that this is just after he had that speech about being on the 50th FLOOR and ABOVE the “normal” lawyers, he literally could be more “down” (as Kim put it). And that is what breaks him.