Better Call Saul 4×3 Reaction

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  1. The robber was the guy in charge of Vamonos Pests from breaking bad. They would copy house keys and rob them some time after the fumigation so they didn’t look suspicious.

  2. After this pizza convo u guys need to have a pizza cutting competition, choose your own weapon/tool and judge it by speed and performance.

  3. Rick is totally right, scissors are wayyy better than a pizza cutter. With a cutter there’s always the risk you didn’t get all the way through in some places, scissors are 100% success rate. Also is it the norm that the pizza place slices the pizza for you in USA? That’s interesting / weird 😀

  4. I said it last time and I hope eventually one of you guys read it, but Jimmy has shut off his emotions when it comes to Chuck. Or he at least is trying to. The words in the letter are of no consequence to him anymore. Chuck told him to not go through the remorse phase after he hurts the people he cares about, and he’s taking it to heart. I think the last scene really shows how conscious he is about his behavior, he was just surprised he upset Kim with his demeanor. The door perfectly covering half of his face in that last shot is just perfect for this.