Better Call Saul 4×4 Reaction

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  1. Kim was upset last episode because the letter had loads of subtle digs at Jimmy. This episode, the reason she is going to the court is to find justice. She sees no justice in what Chuck did to Jimmy. She’s loosing her faith in the legal system and the powerful people in it like Chuck who she’s seen can be morally disgusting. Her stubbornness with the judge is a fuck you to the system. There’s two things that define Kim above all else. She wants what’s fair, and she won’t be spoken down to. I get the impression you guys don’t realise how complex she is. She’s not the goody two shoes, play by the rules lawyer she presents herself as I’m the pilot. That’s a mask and hers had been slipping as much as jimmies has. I think you don’t understand Kim’s actions because you’re still viewing her as pilot Kim.

    1. I disagree. Kim was in fact a lawyer that believed in the conventional by-the-book way of practicing the law. I will not call her actions that of a “goody-two-shoes” as you did because that moniker trivializes her loyalty to principles of fairness and good. She was trying to convince Jimmy throughout seasons 1-3 to be straight in spite of his brother not because of him, but she could not change who he was, so she just began to accept it and ultimately change her own core beliefs. But this began with Mesa Verde, a client she wanted to keep, and so she went along with Jimmy’s perjury and colorfulness. She knew what Jimmy did to get Mesa Verde back. “All we did was tear down a sick man”. Well, Jimmy’s got a different kind of sickness, she knows it, but her love for him would see her transform more and more – rather than leave. Kim has always had the ability to do what Jimmy does, his colorfulness – she is the best lawyer after all – but she didn’t start down that route until Jimmy.

    2. Basically, my point is, Kim is going to the court because she wants to find love in the justice system again, she wants to do “real justice work”, and she feels like she’s lost it – due to being around people like Jimmy, Chuck, Howard, Mesa Verde, etc. I believe singling out Chuck as the reason is done in the absence of everyone else’s influence on Kim, namely Howard and Jimmy.