Better Call Saul 4×8 Reaction

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  1. In BB, when Walt and Jesse first time kidnaping Saul, he was shouting: Did Lalo send you? It was not me, It was Ignacio! You have both now, Lalo and Ignacio, aka Nacho 😀

    1. Yeah that was crazy, I caught that on my rewatch of breaking bad. I like that they pre established those characters making the spinoff more connected way before it was released

  2. You know I knew that when Lalo showed up you guys would say “it’s the guy from Hawkeye”, but it still hurt LOL

    I’m kiding but yeah this is the role that got Tony Dalton noticed, that got him to be on Hawkeye, very much like how Gincarlo Esposito got noticed in Breaking Bad and then broke out to be in other shows, like Mandalorian.

    Just a great character that I’m excited for you guys to meet.

    Been a little while since i’ve seen this episode and oh boy just great writing when in context of what happens in the next two seasons.

  3. Alright boys. You made it through what I consider a slow period. Now it’s time to take it up a notch! Excited for future reactions.