Better Call Saul 5×1 Reaction

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  1. The comment Eric made about Gus being initially a small bit and then expanded into a recurring character is actually about Mike. Odenkirk was unavailable for the scene after Jane dies, so they wrote Mike just for that and then liked him enough to keep him in the show

    1. Actually, that’s true for Gus as well. The scene where Walt meets Gus for the first time was originally going to be his only appearance. That’s why in the the credits for that episode he isn’t credited as Gus Fring but as “The Chicken Man.” They hadn’t actually given him a name yet. They liked him enough that they asked him to return for the finale of season 2, where they gave him a name. Giancarlo really liked the show and the character so he agreed to come back for the finale, but said he wouldn’t return after that again unless they gave him a bigger role. So then in Season 3 they brought him on as a series regular.

  2. Gus Fring was originally supposed to be in that one episode in Season 2. He went on a plane to do another show and as soon as he got off the plane he got a call asking if he would like to come back. Obviously they have more time in between Seasons so they brought everyone back. Including Mike and Saul.