Better Call Saul 5×10 Reaction

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  1. Kim’s finger guns is a throwback to when Jimmy did that to her after fooling everyone at his reinstatement.

    It’s as if she’s telling him that just like he chose to become Saul Goodman, she is choosing to become ‘this’ new Kim.

  2. This season’s ending was the REVERSE ending of Season 4. At the end of last season Jimmy fools everyone including Kim (who cried during his speech) and then he turns around and does the finger guns at her with the phrase “SAUL GOODMAN” and the last shot of the season was the camera pulling away as she looks as shocked as you can be. This time it’s Kim who’s cooking up a scam, and this time she turns around and does the finger guns back at him with Saul looking shocked/surprised/in disbelief. Ms Goodman is here!

  3. I also believe Something Unforgivable applies to what Jimmy has done to Kim. He’s created a monster.

    I cannot stress enough how maddening it was to watch this episode live and then realize because of the pandemic there was no way of knowing when the show would be back on air. TWO YEARS we had to wait for what happens next ahhhh