Better Call Saul 5×8 Reaction

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  1. As a watcher from Britain I feel like I should say that while we once had 1 pound notes they are no longer printed leaving only pound coins. Also a shilling has not been minted in Britain since 1966 I’m pretty sure. Not usually one for correcting people but was just amused with how confidently they stated that British currency is so far behind. Love the reaction and looking forward to next week

  2. the mylar blanket definitely reminded him of chuck. what other reason would jimmy have to deny using it to keep warm at night? as we’ve seen many times before, jimmy tends to gets *really* irrational about anything regarding chuck (just look at all the stuff he pulls with howard). what exactly it means is more ambiguous though. does it represent jimmy finally leaving chuck behind? chuck ‘protecting’ him from beyond the grave? chuck giving him the courage to fight for his life? or maybe it’s just meant to be a sadly ironic moment that jimmy has to embrace something that reminds him of his brother. it’s a really powerful moment and i’m glad they picked up on it, even if the precise meaning isn’t 100% set in stone.