Better Call Saul 5×9 Reaction

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  1. Two important details I think you guys probably missed:

    1) Mike tells Gus that fear is not a good motivator, but Gus insists that it is. Later, in Breaking Bad, it is Gus who tells Mike (in relation to Jesse’s erratic behavior) that fear is not a good motivator, and this is why he tries to get Jesse on his good side by propping him up instead of threatening him. What happened in between to change Gus’ mind?

    2) The reason Kim stands up and takes a risk in criticizing Lalo is because Jimmy just offered Lalo to go take the bag, and she knows that the coffee mug with a bullet hole is in there. She thought really quickly there. That makes her intervention even more important.

    With that said, good reaction. I also thought for a second that Kim might just get blown away when Jimmy looks at her near the door. Scary stuff.

    1. small thing, but 1) is in relation to Walt. Gus saves Walt from the cousins without Walt knowing, and Mike suggests he tell him to get him to work for them. Then Gus says that fear is not an effective motivator

    2. Damn. I’ve watched this episode probably half a dozen times and i’ve never noticed that Kim speaks up after he mentions the bag (because of the cup). Great detail to point out.

  2. guys jimmy is in no way a bad person for not telling kim and tbh its barely about not worrying her its actually that hes in shock and isn’t ready to talk about it and potentially relive it like be compassionate hes clearly jumpy and struggling and kim knows that which is why she said she isn’t forcing him to tell her and he chose not to and is trying to act like it didn’t happen so he can cope

  3. You did well to notice the skateboarders in the background, great catch!
    Just after Mike gives his speech about choices, as Jimmy exits the car you can see 2 skateboarders in the background “slippin” (Jimmy’s old nickname Slippin’ Jimmy), the CHOICE Jimmy made in the first episode of the show to fuck over the Kettlemens led him to Tuco and put him on “Bad choice road”. That was 100% intentional!

  4. Kim ONLY intervenes in the Lalo interrogation scene when Jimmy says: ” Do you want the money back? It’s in THE BAG in the other room”. Kim earlier in the episode checked the bag and saw his 2ND BEST LAWYER CUP with a BULLET HOLE in it. She knew that if Lalo saw the hole, he would for sure know that Saul was lying and that he was attacked and obviously saved by someone. Also you have this motif in the episode about holes. Kim sees the hole in Saul’s story and so does Lalo when he gets to the car in the desert. The shots of them looking through the shot objects are almost identical.

  5. Contrary to what the other commenters are saying, Kim only steps in to confront Lalo because she can tell Jimmy is cracking. It has nothing to do with the bag jimmy mentions. The episode’s writer confirmed this.