Better Call Saul 6×1 Reaction

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  1. You will definitely want to rewatch Breaking Bad after finishing this show.

    Bob Odenkirk had a heart attack during the filming of this season and almost died. I don’t want to say when he had the heart attack, as it’s during a very important section of the season, but if one of your producers know what happens this season, I would love to tell them when, because I think you guys would have a very interesting conversation when the moment comes up.

  2. Eric was right, he did have that guy in his back pocket for this. the teeth were done to be like his, he told him to shave his face like his, then he used him as his burned corpse!

    1. Eric is right. I didn’t catch it in my watch through but after seeing this reaction it’s evident it was someone Lalo had in his back pocket as insurance. Finding things that were missed or not understood in an original watch is one of the reasons why I like reaction channels.

    2. The teeth was not made to look like Lalos. Mateos teeth was filed under Lalos name because Lalo paid for the treatment and the dentist is probably friend of the cartel. So if they pull the dental records from Lalos dentists all the records will be from Mateo teeth, but filed under Eduardo Salamanca.

  3. No offense, but I couldn’t watch a show like this with Aaron. The guy literally thinks that every second of silence (or non-silence) is a prompt to ramble or talk. A big part of the Gilliganverse is the atmosphere created by the music and all the amazing shots. I would miss on most of this (and important details) if I had to listen to someone like him talk all the time, or I would be forced to constantly pause the episode.

    I get this is a reaction channel, but jesus, tame it down a bit. A guy like Rick seems to understand that. You’ll have plenty of time to talk after the episode is over. And, to be fair, Aaron shines in the post-ep. Just stop talking so much during the episode. I feel like this has been pointed out an uncalculable number of times already. Most of us love your camaraderie, but the main reason we watch is to see you react to great TV or cinema.