Better Call Saul 6×11 Reaction

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  1. Hey, Eric. I just wanted tocsay that your take on the opening of There Will Be Blood is still garbage. Stop with your nitpicks and watch Star Wars instead. Thanks!

  2. The Breaking Bad scenes weren’t just fan service. They contextualize the entire BB/BCS universe. I recalled the Lalo/Ignacio comment when Nacho was introduced back in season 1. So it was nice for me to see that, at first glance, off-handed comment from Saul Goodman pay off. But the point of the Walter White classroom lead-up isn’t just to set up where we are in the BB timeline. It’s also meant to be a harbinger. As the audience, we’re being led to believe the decision to break in to the cancer guy’s house will be a earth-shaking and pivotal as his decision to recruit Walter White.

    Re-watching Breaking Bad with the rich, immersive back-story we now have of Jimmy McGill, makes this universe easily the most incredible piece of character/visual story-telling I’ll probably see in my life time. Enjoy the ending!

  3. Kinda neat that the first episode Saul appears in in Breaking Bad is called, “Better Call Saul” and the first episode Walt and Jesse appear in in Better Call Saul is called “Breaking Bad.”

  4. Jimmy is their number one target. They aren’t gunna give him a slap on the wrist. They’re gunna make sure he spends the rest of his life behind bars. He was the mastermind behind Walt; he was fully aware of all of Walts crimes. No way they don’t crucify him.