Better Call Saul 6×13 Reaction

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  1. I’m paraphrasing this from a comment I saw after this show ended, but I really loved it a lot. “The final shot of the show is exactly what Saul deserved, but in that moment we don’t see Saul, we see Jimmy.” If you showed this episode to someone right after breaking bad, they would be so confused. He is not even remotely Saul Goodman in the end of that courtroom scene. He is Jimmy. The Jimmy we remember bringing his mentally ill brother food everyday. The everyman working hard, just trying to become something like the rest of us. Genuinely someone at one point who was ready to turn his life around after an early life of crime. Seeing that kind of person behind that prison fence with no chance of ever leaving is genuinely heartbreaking. I can’t help but shed a tear now when I watch this episode. Such a great show.

  2. Surprised the guys didn’t mention Walt’s regret about Jesse. That watch that was ticking and the camera focused on was the one Jesse gave him for his birthday, and then Walt left it on the phone after his fake call to get Gretchen and Elliott’s address.

  3. Some cool fun facts:

    -The camera pans to the watch Jesse gave Walt when he is asked what is biggest regret is, indicating Walt regrets what happened to Jesse most.
    -In the flashback with Chuck, it’s mentioned that Chuck requested a certain newspaper. In the first episode of the series, Jimmy gives Chuck this newspaper and says something like “Got you that newspaper you requested”, which suggests that this flashback takes place the day before the first episode
    -The camera panning to the “The Time Machine” book means that Jimmy most regrets not staying and having a heart to heart with Chuck that night

    1. We also see “The Time Machine” in Jimmy’s possession in the background of a few scenes (I can’t remember exactly when, but definitely in season 6’s cold open). I have some criticisms of the finale, but the time machine motif is so perfect, the pan to the book hit me harder than anything else.