Better Call Saul 6×3 Reaction

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  1. The shard of glass was from the glass Gus broke in the previous episode. You see Nacho looking down at it in the bin when Mike goes out to say to Gus that he wants to be there.

  2. The shard of glass was taken from Gus’s trailer. There’s a shot of Nacho looking into the trash can where Gus threw away the glass he broke in the previous episode.

  3. Michael Mando did a huge interview, i think with Variety, where he talked about this episode. The oil scene was like a baptism for his character to be reborn before he dies. How his last meal he eats with a fork and knife, not with his hands.

    He really got snubbed at the emmys for his performance here.

  4. Aaron is right, the flower IS Nacho, in a sense. They probably buried him on the spot, and a desert flower has grown from him amongst the wasteland. A great metaphor.

    Michael Mando did an interview explaining how he loves Aztec history and mythologies, and wanted to work it into his character in his end. He said that Aztec human sacrifices are usually demonized for their barbarism, but that the really cool part of it that he wanted to draw attention to was how the best Aztec warriors would fight for the honor of being sacrificed so it can bring rain to the land. Nacho in the end went out fighting, and defying both masters he’s been subservient to during the entire show. He went out his own way, and in the future his flower has flourished, plenty of rain has fallen on the land.

  5. Aaron & Calvin are SO dialed in to this show! I was so sad when BCS ended. Now after Blind Wave finishes their reaction, I am going to feel bereft all over again.