Better Call Saul 6×7 Reaction

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  1. I was in utter shock and felt sick when I first watched this. I don’t think I moved for about 5 minutes after Howard was killed….. I felt numb. Howard didn’t deserve anything like this and never did. As much as you know Jimmy isn’t a good guy, this really cements that fact and it’s hard to look at him with sympathy afterwards.

  2. I love all the foreshadowing rotational motions in this episode! First we have the rotating camera movement around the crew who are setting up the fake judge Casemiro guy, then we have Howard rotating the soda can ( the whole scene is about minimizing the explosion of the soda, Carry even mimics the sound of an explosion ), then we have Howard running up the rotating stairs to his office after his humiliation, and finally we have Lalo rotating on the silencer onto his gun TO MINIMISE THE EXPLOSION of the gun sound. So simple and so effective!

  3. At the end of last season Kim said they could get Howard bruised but still STANDING and Jimmys words were “By the end of it, he may NEVER GET TO PRACTICE LAW AGAIN. He doesn’t deserve that” and finally in this episode Howard says he always LANDS ON HIS FEET… poor guy

  4. I paid alot of patreon months for this reaction XD I watched this by myself and I swear I felt a hole in my heart for weeks. Genuinely one of the best episodes of television I’ve seen.

  5. Ever since Chuck died, my hate for Saul and Kim started to rise. BUT THIS EPISODE Skyrocketed my hate for both of them. I had little no remorse for them at the end of the series.

  6. When this episode came out I watched so many reactions because I needed to process the grief and shock I was feeling. I normally watch blind wave reactions within the hour it’s been uploaded. It’s taken me 3 days to get to this. I’m so hesitant to feel those feelings again. It was awful. I’m just about to hit play and I’ve had a huge vodka and coke to be able to do that!