Better Call Saul 6×9 Reaction

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  1. I remember starting Better Call Saul hoping for the boisterous lawyer we knew and loved from Breaking Bad. Only to get the grounded Jimmy and his slow “rise” to Saul.

    For seasons, I was eagerly waiting for the moment where we finally got Saul but somewhere along the way I began to dread it.. And in this episode when we finally got him instead of rejoicing, I just felt sad.

    1. It’s true. For all the time we see him in Breaking Bad, we see this obnoxious, over-the-top lawyer that seems to be having the time of his life. At least until he has to flee when it all hits the fan. Like you, I was curious to see more of his antics in this show. Quickly it became obvious that, while he was a bit boisterous, this was not the full Saul Goodman we are used to. Now he seems to lead a sad life as Saul in Breaking Bad. The last four episodes are his decent into this character he creates to mask his sadness.

  2. Cool reference at the end of the episode when Saul tells Francesca “let justice be done though the heavens fall”. Thats exactly what Chuck said in the episode “Chicanery” the episode where he melted down in trial