Black Adam Movie Reaction

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  1. This movie got a lot of hate, and i wont say it was unjustified or anything, but me personally, i think this one was of DC’s all time best live action films

        1. The general audience aren’t people who read comics or care who plays superman. thats why black adam underperformed despite all the hype for supermans return. its facts. thats why BvS underperformed as well. this stuff won’t matter. get a grip you dunce

          1. Oh yeah just like the normal maven audience doesn’t read comics 🤓 and just like other marvel projects that have flopped. Like I said don’t speak for us dipshi

  2. I normally don’t disagree with Eric. Like, with Willow; I do not like the modern music inclusion. But, he’s wrong in this. Having grown up with the John Williams theme, it’s the iconic theme. I believe people that know very little about Superman recognize it. The Man of Steel theme is forgettable for most people. Eric notices things about the music used in shows and movies that most people do not notice. I’ve always envied him in that. But, nope. This is Superman’s theme.

  3. Gotta disagree with Eric there. The John Williams Superman theme is FAR more iconic than the Man of Steel theme. Its recognizable by people who don’t even know Superman.