Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Movie Reaction

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  1. New cool salute from a fictional culture just dropped. Everybody line up and give it your best! lol. It takes a lot to not have the nerd take over in public since this film came out 🙂

    1. are you stupid or just dumb? cause that’s literally addressed in the first 20 seconds of the video so it’s kinda funny how your leaving a comment on a video you didn’t even start which makes your opinion invalid

    2. Considering they do a lot of reaction content where a select few are watching it for the first time, the answer is probably no. Buf if you have to ask, begs the question as to why you’re even here.

  2. This movie hit me quite hard. I saw it in theaters with a large group of friends and some family members one of which is my brother who is also my best friend and luckily I haven’t lost any siblings but just the THOUGHT of it hit me to the point that at the end of the movie I was just sobbing and I’m not typically an emotional or affectionate person but I stood in the middle of the aisle crying and hugging my brother longer than I have ever hugged him before.

  3. The person responding to you previously was right to ask if you were stupid or just dumb. It was addressed right away in the reaction. You’re statements are of ignorance; not criticism.