Black Widow Movie Reaction

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  1. the first half (pre prison break aka goofy alexi) was the best part. it looked like a real movie instead of an mcu film. i see so many mcu fans hating on this cause its not grand enough. uhm iTS BLACK WIDOW! she doesnt have any superman, thor like powers to be fighting cosmic shit lol. this is what you get with a black widow movie just like the COMICS they dont read: spy shit. as a non bias mcu hater i was able to enjoy this film for what it isnt: another same ole same ole mcu film. i do have some critiques: nat’s boring, alexi was too goofy/silly but thats the classic mcu i hate ugh, and dont get the point of taskmaster. i head the spoilers before watching so i got my nerd rage out so wasnt angry with the reveal watching the film but i do have to ask: why? they did this HUGE change of this HUGE character for……….what? are we even going to see her again>? is someone going to steal the tech and give to multiple people? if not, could have just been the real taskmaster with his NATURAL power that cant be stolen by cutting off his neck. sigh marvel so silly. again ok for what it is, best mcu film since guardians one but thats not saying much………i’d give it a 7/10. maybe an 8

  2. nah. taskmaster isnt a mutant so they could have stayed true to the comics. heck even if they went with tech it could have still been tony masters

  3. I watched this reaction twice and don’t really think the Blind Wave crew really said if they liked this or not. I thought this movie was decent, but definitely glad I saw it at home instead of the theater. Only the “falling from the sky” action sequence really is worth seeing in the theater. The movie has great fight scenes, some good humor, and some standard “how did they walk away alive from that fall or explosion” moments, but I was really distracted by Rachel Weisz & Ray Winstone’s poor Russian accents. Their characters should have been played by Russian or Eastern European actors and I think it would’ve been better.