Blood of Zeus 1×3 Reaction

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  1. PINK hair is aphrodite and the other one is not athena, not even close. athena wears a helm and wields a spear/staff. its artemis but because of the design its confusing making me originally think “its either artemis or hecate, im going with hecate because she doesnt have a bow and arrow which are artemis’ staples”. the crown she has is NOT artemis but hecate, a crown of three crescent moons. but since she is an olympian, has an arrow to clasp her toga, the belt shows the phases of the moon so most definitely is artemis who is also apollo’s twin sister. so sad none of yall even thought of her as an option lol “it must be athena or aphrodite thats it!” no respect

  2. or it could be the third brother. like yall forgot about artemis you forgot about hades. he is a bident and would have been at the war with all the other gods. go back and watch episode one and you will see its NOT posidon and you will also see athena and see that she is NOT one of the two women (pink and blue) that you are mistaking her for. and no athena doesnt traditionally have a sword. the spear has always been her main weapon. helm, spear, shield and owl. welcome to athena 101

  3. rick literally says the spear is in the game hades but cant put two and two together……………..sigh i wish i drank. guess ill just down this lemon, sugar’s bad for ya so same difference lol #disappointed