Blood of Zeus 1×8 Reaction

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  1. he’s not IN hades, he’s in tartarus. hades is a god not a place……….the animation is always great1 and of course its his bident, no one else has one lol le sigh. cant wait for season two!

    1. Hades is actually both the god and the place. The underworld in general is called Hades, named after the god ruling over it, and Tartarus, Asphodel, and Elysium are all part of Hades (underworld).

  2. i thought heron would summon the lightning instead of doing the “lets both get stabbed” thing, so i was still surprised when my prediction came true. that psych worked then and NOW on my second viewing. great writing and editing!

  3. zeus was the baby and the only one to escape cause his mother gaia gave chronos a swaddle of rocks instead of baby zeus and sent him away to be reared by a goat or cow (which zeus later repeated with his son hermes). when he reached manhood he came and slayed his father and since chronos swallowed his children whole, zeus rescued his now grown siblings from his gut. since he saved them, slavyed chronos and lead them in the battle against the titans THAT is why zeus is leader/king. i think hades is older which is why he got the underworld which is supposed to be equal to the skies, leaving the mortal realm of water for poseidon. heavens, seas and the underworld, the three realms. other siblings included hera and demeter. yes zeus married and father children with his FULL sister. welcome to europe!

  4. i guess you never saw the zelda animated series then lol i dont know what narrative you are talking about but i can so see it as a live action series and there have been talks of there being one for YEARS since at least 2015 on netflix but who knows what happened with that deal