Bridgerton 1×4 Reaction

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  1. on aaron you are so pretty. are we watching the same show? pretty can be used to dismiss someone’s intelligence. we all know eloise’s character. she doesnt care about looks or relationships. she cares about intelligence and accomplishments. so penelope was saying “you are just a pretty bridgerton” as if that is all she is, and that is everything she is fighting against. again you are so pretty………..see how that can be said in a negative way? context my brother

  2. I already loved Blind Wave, but I love y’all so much more for how opened minded you are and the diversity of the genres you react to. Cannot waaaaaait for you all to see the full season!!! Huzzah!

  3. It’s not that Daphne is thinking “Oh he’ll change his mind”, she thinks that he literally CAN’T have kids. That he’s infertile. So when she makes this sacrifice, she’s making it thinking “I will never be able to have children or a family because it is an impossibility”.