Bridgerton 1×6 Reaction

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  1. The reason Daphne is mad, is because it is humiliating to trust someone with your life, your body, and to have they betray that trust. He made a fool out of her pulling out knowing she didn’t know what it was. Playing on her ignorance. which is really hurtful. He manipulated her naivety. Also there is a big difference between thinking someone desperately wants kids and can’t, vs someone who does not want kids. In society, Daphne NEEDS kids. That is her duty as a Duchess her main duty. Have an heir. If she doesn’t she will be seen as a failure in society and Simon will be told to find a different wife likely. Simon knows this context and it is hurtful to send Daphne to this fate as his CHOICE rather than being infertile. It’s totally different and that’s why she was so devastated to learn all this. Now she is questioning does this man even love me?

    As for the Duke title, if they don’t have kids, yeah the title is remanded to the crown. And usually they will find some other family to make the Duke of Hastings.

    The steward actually fled after the Duke died.

  2. when madame de la croix is talking to her friend the opera singer she speaks in her normal cockney accent. so not just one scene, we’ve seen her speak in her real voice several times

  3. I am not on Daphne’s side at all with this recent development. Like she FORCED him into that, completely took away his right of choice. She absolutely should have spoken to him about it beforehand. At this point, I’d be upset if the story tried to salvage the relationship. I feel the only logical direction now if for them to grow apart and the story be about two people at odds stuck in a relationship

  4. “Dick van Dyke did not do this.” I laughed out loud. You guys should really react to more regency or period dramas. Your reactions and side comments are comedy gold. :))))))))))

  5. I think Penelope doesn’t say anything because she thinks she’d be laughed at for daring to think she’d be worthy of Colin. It’s a classic self-esteem issue.