Bridgerton 1×7 Reaction

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  1. featherington is stupid but of course he is, he’s a gambler who never wins so he logically NEVER STOPS GAMBLING! instead of trying to “win a fortune” just bet on the dude you know is going to win…….duh

  2. I tried feeling sympathy towards Marina, but what she did was really wrong and Colin really deserves someone better. The characters of this show just need to sit down and talk about their issues. Would’ve solved all the problems from the beginning. :))

  3. I agree with Aaron here, D. is more wrong. She took his choice away. If their roles have been reversed (man trying to impregnate woman) it would be labeled a rape.

  4. The Duke had plenty of reason to believe that he was getting away with a lie by omission – Daphne was ignorant of too many things. Especially since she was still ignorant of the male orgasm (whether it was painful for him) after they began having sex. He could reasonably assume her mother told her of the mechanics (which wow, nope), but he should have also realized that not much more than D-goes-in-P was explained given Daphne’s continued ignorance. The Duke also benefits by keeping Daphne ignorant to ensure he avoids having kids while enjoying sex with her. Further, Daphne had no knowledge of the Duke’s ill will toward his father, so she could only take his words literally when he said he “can’t” rather than being a choice. Informed consent was not in play from the beginning of their relationship. Daphne then made it worse by ignoring his request that she stop sex, and instead forcing him to keep going, which is rape. Pretty gross on both sides. Worse that Daphne’s side is never addressed by her or the show as wrong. To Aaron’s question about why Daphne is so mad, it isn’t about the outcome of kids or no kids, it’s about the humiliation of being taken advantage of – which is ironic, given how she retaliated.