Bridgerton 1×8 Reaction

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  1. well in the book pen is whistledown and my two suspects (well three) from day one were pen, eloise and lady dandry. as the season went on it became more and more clear it was pen cause whistledown knew things that only the featheringtons, in particular pen, would know. the episode with marina running away with colin sinched it for me.

  2. i could be wrong but i figured whistledown’s papers were sold. so pen used her pin money to start the paper, she is a very simple girl who doesnt seem to care about much outside of colin and gossip so not wasting her money like her siblings.therefore any money the family lost wasnt hers, she keeps hers hidden away. but even if she lost it all she started the paper BEFORE that happened and then she just uses that revenue to keep it going. but if its a free paper this whole theory goes out the window lol

  3. My biggest problem is whistledown talked about some fairly risqué things, like many insinuations towards sex when referring to daphne and simons honeymoon. Am I supposed to believe Penelope even knows about sex? Whistledowns writing was much more mature than we have seen Penelope to be.

  4. Period dramas? do deadwood. you’ll see the true genius of Ian McShane as Al Swearengen . Everytime he pops up in a show you guys react to I shout “swiggen!”

  5. So I don’t think it ever came up in the show, but in the books, Lady Whistledown started giving her paper out for free. After a few weeks, it changed to 5 pennies a paper. People considered it an outrageous price, but they were so addicted to knowing all the gossip that they paid anyway. So possibly, Penelope has plenty of money stashed away to help her family out in S2.