Bridgerton 2×4 Reaction

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  1. she was not always trying to get with phillip. she didnt even know he existed. she had a love and thought he abanded her. that is the one who got her pregnant. that guy was phillip’s brother. phillip showed up one day out of the blue and offered to marry marina and take care of her unborn children to honor his brother and for familial duty. what she is saying is what she said: i am being practical. i did what i did for the survival of myself and my unborn child. what i am doing is for my survival and the survival of my children. therefore she doesnt need forgiveness cause she is simply doing what she needs to do to live in this world and that is nothing to be ashamed of or feel remorse for. not everyone has the luxury of choosing love and happiness. she has responsibilities and that is her lot in life and she has accepted it.

  2. i also shipped colin and phillip. i was like “well those arent his kids, what if the reason marina is so bitter and anxious to get rid of colin was because phillip is gay and she was afraid they would hit it off and colin would steal her man” lol totally out there but its the only thing i could think of as to why she is so angry for seemingly no reason. i mean the guy is hot, rich, educated AND kind? AND he is taking care of some other man’s kids? girrrrrrrrrl pick another struggle cause this aint the one! shoot, ill take him off your hands and be VERY happy