Bridgerton 2×5 Reaction

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  1. Edwina is in love with the notion of love and not Anthony and she is ignoring the signs in front of herself. Kate does not believe her feelings matter so all she does is self sacrifice and make herself believe that she is happy with her decision.

    1. You nailed it, totally agree. Anthony admitted to Edwina from the start he wasn’t looking for love, and Kate warned Edwina to pay attention to that, but Edwina is young and saw things through rosy glasses. This is a fraught love triangle, but it only works and keeps you caring because the characters are equally matched in terms of strengths, weakness, and convincing acting. So I can’t point to any of them as the one “at fault” because they each contributed. **SPOILER** Even though Edwina doesn’t acknowledge her contribution very clearly in her speech a bit later, I can’t fault her for feeling betrayed. And sometimes we have to learn the hard way about what love really looks like. It’s relatable in its messiness. I’d love to see more of Kate’s back story regarding how she learned to express such wisdom to Edwina about what love really is. It’s left to the imagination that she must have learned more than just watching her parents. There might have been some experiences with heartbreak that contributed to Kate remaining a “spinster” other than her lack of a dowry and being low-born. I hope they explore that more in season 3.

  2. I like to think the Bridgerton Netflix writers also struggled with various murder scenarios. The show’s plotline diverges from the books pretty quickly, and they crafter a much better story – even book fans prefer to show version. It’s compelling and keeps you going, “I don’t- I don’t- I don’t know what the fuck’s going to happen. What a fun show.” 😉