Bridgerton 2×8 Reaction

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  1. The F sibling is Francesca, who was not portrayed in this season because the season 1 actress had schedule conflicts. She is re-cast for season 3. I prefer Kanthony over Daphmon. The Duke is hot, but this cis hetero lady of the ton is much more attracted to Anthony. I can relate to both the Duke’s and Anthony’s internal conflicts, but I found Anthony’s story more compelling in the ways it manifested later. The acting was also more believable for Anthony. I agree that he had to strike a sharp balance to be so hard-lined, domineering, and yet emotive and likeable. I’d like to learn more about Kate’s back story. Could have done with less Featherington nonsense in favor of learning more about the Sharmas. Loved that Anthony called Kate by her given Indian name, Kathani Sharma, when he confessed his love at the end. My heart grew 3 sizes too big at that moment. Especially since it wasn’t revealed until then, so it was an even more intimate show of knowing and accepting her. This season is tough to beat for me, but looking forward to the next season, and to watching your reactions!

    1. *Also, the Daphmon relationship was so fraught with toxic behaviors lacking informed consent that it was hard for me to not find it gross in the second half. \_oo_/

    2. Clarification: She wasn’t SUPPOSED to have scheduling conflicts this season, but filming was moved around due to COVID. And so they emerged. But the new actress was in Enola Holmes 2 and I liked her quite a lot I just…dislike re-casting in general because we’re always expected to pretend we don’t notice (unless it’s just a pilot re-cast or something like Sara Lance).

      1. That makes sense. I hope the other actress finds success wherever she goes. Glad to hear the new actress did a good job in other stuff; I’ve never seen her. I wonder if they’ll explain the height difference with a time jump – plus Colin’s been traveling again, etc. Are you so excited for season 3? I’m so excited for season 3! lol

  2. Next season is Penelope and Colin (Polin) and it’s friends to lovers. Also, there is going to be a series about young Charlotte and George called “Queen Charlotte, a Bridgerton story” that, I believe, is coming out in 2023 before Pen and Colin.

  3. you’re missing Francesca (her line this season was “come and see the baby Eloise!) she is usually not around under the pretense she’s making company to some Aunt or something. she will be recast for S3. Her book and Hyacinth are my favorite in the series.

  4. the no racism thing isnt worldwide, its an england thing. the king fell in love with a black woman and then changed all the laws and spread freedom for all but in particular her people. that has nothing to do with america aka a WHOOOOOOOOOOOOLE other country across the narrow sea. just like westeros and essos have nothing to do with each other which is why folks try to escape westeros to essos so they can be free.