Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4×9 Reaction

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  1. jokes on you, B99 is on Tuesdays in Australia
    also in Australia we don’t have those desks, you just have tables & chairs, never understood those desks

      1. But that one thing is more complicated, so it can´t be really all that cheaper. And it seems impractical and uncomfortable. If the desk part was at least retractable, then it would make more sense.

  2. Gina for me fits a similar niche as April from Parks and Rec – just really out there, weird, and snarky, but April is definitely a more likeable character because of her relationship with people (like with Ron and Andy). I don’t really think Gina’s relationships are showcased that often, and she’s really just a chaotic presence most of the time. Even after saying that, I still like Gina a lot because I love chaotic characters who know who and how they are and don’t let anyone change that, and I feel like I might be in the minority in that. This show doesn’t make me actually laugh that often, so it’s mostly smiling and nose exhales coming from me, and I think Gina makes me react more often than even Jake does. She’s definitely chaotic neutral.