Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6×4 Reaction

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  1. This whole reaction is just the guys trying to tolerate Gina. This is great. She’s just so obnoxious and a terrible person. She thinks she can solve everyones problems and when someone actually does what she says she makes fun of them

  2. I’m surprised they disliked it so much. Although Gina is the worst character I thought she was funny in this one and it was a great sendoff

  3. I know you guys hated one people ask “you going to react to this are you going to react to that?” But I have no choice but to ask at this point, is the final season of Peaky Blinders on your radar now that it’s finally on Netflix here in America? I feel like it’s crazy to react to five seasons and not watch the masterpiece that is the final season, and I heard Eric mentioned that he watched it on his own so he could be in there as well since Shane is gone now