Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×1 Reaction

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  1. Why is it that episodes before Amy gave jake only a month to think about it but in this she says they’d wait at least a year before trying why couldn’t he get a year to think on it if it all came to them waiting either way

    1. she gave him a month to decide if he wanted to have kids or not, because she didnt want him to decide in a year or 2 that he didnt, because she for sure did, and it was important enough to her that she said she didnt have the luxury of “starting over” if he decided he didnt, meaning if he didnt, she would likely be with someone else. he got a month to decide because she didnt want to waste her time in a relationship that she would likely end if he didnt want kids after the year. he then confirmed that he WILL have a kid with her, so shes willing to wait the year, because she knows for a fact that they will eventually have kids, whereas before, there was the possibility of him saying no after the year (which is why she gave him a month at that point)