Brooklyn Nine-Nine 8×1 Reaction

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    1. You can still watch their reactions, I watch the reactions to shows Ive never seen lol, you get a broad overview of the show & most of the best bits

      1. i actually did this to a show i didnt think i wanted to watch, after watching a few of their reactions i got into it. definitely a way to enjoy the good bits but if you’re worried about the story, the high seas might be for you

        1. Thank you both, but i don’t watch the 10 mins reactions to shows or episodes i’ve not seen, and B99 is one of my fave comedies to watch along with them. I ust have to wait until it becomes available elsewhere.

  1. theres some absolutely wild training cops go through in the states, theres a last week tonight segment about some of the presentations they show to cops and its really bad, painting cops as wolves watching over sheep and stuff like that, giving them a mindset that they’re warriors on the front lines in a weird us or them mentality instead of reinforcing the idea that the cops should be there to help the people and act as servants to them.

  2. This episode felt so off, it feels like they are just telling us things that happened instead of showing us. Why did we get Holt telling us why she quit when moments earlier there is a scene of her quitting? Just have her quitting as a scene, it would have much more impact.
    I know they are trying to address socio-political issues but this felt so surface level and preachy compared to their previous attempts.

    Also I know this show has some of the worst continuity but out of all Police precincts to include… Why choose the one you shut down in a previous season? It was a major plot point that the 74 got shutdown instead of the 99.