Bullet Train Movie Reaction

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    1. I originally thought that this Bullet Train movie was a police drama, detective, mystery movie starring Ken Watanbe as a chief of police or something in Japan. Boy, I’m glad I’m wrong!

      1. sorry, I may have clicked the Reply button by mistake. Was disappointed for their lack of reaction on seeing Kimiko. Yup, just a typical all-Asian-looks-the-same trope, I guess. lol

        Understandably, I was also surprised to find out back then during the airing of S1 The Boys that Kimiko was one of the main cast in the 1st Suicide Squad movie. Everybody will surely miss her because she is wearing a mask.

  1. a solid movie but i get the criticism. not on it being bad but too many characters and definitely too long. more style than substance and the extra 44 minutes messed up the flow of the said style that was high energy and fast paced. get rid of some of the cameos and bad bunny’s arc then cut short/get rid of that flashback of hiroyuki’s and this could be a solid 90mins+ instead of 2 hours. a much tighter and enjoyable film, and by extension a more perfect film.

  2. joey king = the kissing booth. thats all i know her from before this. didnt see the talent til now since i’ve only see her play this one annoying character. she has “it” as they say.

  3. Just finished watching the complete movie. WOW! Sandra Bullock was there and I missed her during this reaction.

    She has really good make-up and hairstyle like hot demn! Is she single!?! lol She was like a lady boss on an assassin’s guild, mafia group, or something.

    I was grasping for air for laughing out loud after seeing the subtitle, Eric was right all along! And was quite touched by having this kind consideration for hearing-impaired people watching this movie.

  4. “I’m putting my foot down! I don’t want blind people making bombs!” That is literally what I think of every time I hear the term Bullet Train, for the rest of my life. I’ll say it out loud to whomever surrounds me, and they will not get it, but I’ll be hella amused.