Castlevania 4×6 Reaction

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  1. Well I dont know if this will be read but I will give a shot.I dont think the change is buget I think its more they wanted more character animation. In the previous seasons there was more focus on the wapons being animated while the characters were on model but more static. You would see animation more focus on Alucard sword,or the whip and the Sypha magics while they do minimal movements and even then they cuts some frames as well when they want to show alucard speed they do a ball of light effect or make him as a mist. It has some moments of characters animation too but you could see in one part Sypha is moving super smooth and in the next sequence her movements are more on model but with less frames.
    In this season I think they want to make more of a fusion they want to show every blow and every impact of those super natural characters while trying to be on model. And because of that they cant be 100% on model most of the time because when you have a lot of movement the characters cant be on model and they cant be very fluid like Guren laggan or Mob Psyco because they need to stay on model to not break the “realism” of the series.