Castlevania 4×9 Reaction

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  1. Leon is the first Belmont, I’m pretty sure his portrait is seen somewhere in the series to kind of canonize that. Leon is in 1064. Trevor is the descendant of Leon, premiering in Castlevania 3, which takes place in 1476. The follows Christopher Belmont in Castlevania: The Adventure 1 and 2: Belmont’s Revenge on Gameboy, taking place in 1576 and 1591 respectively, with Belmont’s Revenge also starring Christopher’s son Soleil. 100 years after Belmont’s Revenge in 1691 is Castlevania 1 with Simon Belmont. Juste Belmont is next in line with Harmony of Dissonance, which takes place in 1741. Richter appears in Rondo of Blood, which takes place in 1791 without giving a specific year, but does note that it was 100 years prior Dracula last appeared and Dracula isn’t really fought in Harmony of Dissonance. Julius is the final known descendant of the Belmont family, appearing in Aria of Sorrow, though he doesn’t have a game of his own he defeated Dracula in 1999 and supposedly found a means to permanently kill him in a conflict that came to be known as the Demon Castle War.

  2. Hey, can you guys please stop talking about the animation? It’s clear that you guys don’t know anything about animation and just dislike it because its different, even though it’s one of the best animated shows of all time.