Chainsaw Man 1×1 Reaction

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    1. This either changed or you didn’t notice the switch between videos. If this is your first time, (hi hello welcome), they firs video on the page is the highlights, and the second commentary about it. Star with the second video (unless you came from youtube in which case the first is the one your looking for. If starting with the second then listen to them talk and wait for a bit, after they talk for a bit a screen saying look in the description will appear and you can pause the video and move to the first to watch the highlights, or pull up the full length reaction (search for it in the search bar), and synch the time with your own copy for watching. Hope that helps, have a nice day.

  1. Wowa the dub is actually really good, denji’s VA took me a while to get used to but damn!! I’m so glad chainsaw man is getting the best of the best in terms of everything. Deserves it

  2. I genuinely enjoyed your full-length reaction and discussions regarding the episode to the utmost capacity. You people pay very close attention to everything and have a keen eye for all the details surrounding the work, whether it’s the animation or the storyline. I do appreciate your diligence 🙏💛