Chainsaw Man 1×11 Reaction

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    1. Lol I know. They got lots of shows, and shit I don’t blame them. They were kinda right in a way though, he doesn’t have enough years to be using the Curse devil’s sword.

      1. I don’t even think saying them watching a lot of shows is a good enoug excuse. You can argue regular people who just watch anime/shows that don’t do reactions watch the same amount of shows as them and they don’t forget crucial information all the time. Hell I watch a ton of anime and I’m not out here forgetting what happens in all of them lol

  1. But they watch dub to take notes and remember/understand stuff better right?
    So it’s kinda pointless lol
    And I know they watch many shows at the same time but nobody forces them to do so, they choose to do it so you can’t justify their ability to forget crucial information with that
    And on top of that, they have a effing manga reader in the room damn it

  2. I’ve read the manga twice and am watching the anime also dubbed

    And I forgot it was a different sword too

    Sometimes people miss things

    Don’t be fucking assholes

    Just cause you random 4 people remember fucking everything you’ve ever watched

    Doesn’t mean everyone else does

  3. the problem of them not remembering the sword is that it was not a sword but a needle with a sword hilt not an actual sword. now he’s using an actual sword. so yeah not the same thing at all lol

  4. I know it was obvious for me as well that it is a different sword (the other one is called out looking like a Nail for example..) but keep in mind that, if you guys forget any detail in any show that you have watched, and no one points it out that you forgot that detail, you won’t even notice that you forgot it. Makes it easy to think “Yeah, I’m so smart, I never forget anything”. A lot of you probably forgot / missed a lot of details in your life as well, you just do not remember it because you never knew..