Chainsaw Man 1×2 Reaction

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  1. I love how the dub is awful but everyone says it’s great lol, denji sounds like a 45 yo grown ass man even tho he’s 19
    Power’s voice is soo cringy
    Even denji sounds too mature to me
    Anyway, disappointing dub once again but good reaction overall

    1. Dub isn’t the problem, your standards for a dub voice is too high, that’s the problem. The dub is great, sorry they the don’t have perfect godly voices that you keep crying about, you gotta lower your standards for a ‘voice’ my guy, and enjoy the show.

    2. People who say things like this are usually just weebs who think they’re holding on to “the right type of anime”… You don’t even speak Japanese. Most people should probably watch dub only, because so often you dudes miss the finer nuances of the dialogue.

  2. Ninthstreet
    Don’t be sorry my guy, it’s not your fault, it’s the voice actors and the company that hired them
    Why is there such a bid gap of levels between Japanese va and English va, that’s my question

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