Chainsaw Man 1×6 Reaction

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  1. Why does Aaron even join these reactions? He clearly doesn’t enjoy 95% of the humor, he hardly pays attention to plot points, and never, and I mean never- seems to understand what’s happening on screen, as evident by his confusion during EVERY discussion?

    1. apologies for the outburst, y’all, i was just a tad frustrated seeing aaron just constantly stonefaced, shaking his head at moments I and the other reactors found funny. It’s definitely a downer for me, but that’s no real reason to be as rude as I was. I still agree with the sentiment behind what I said, but I shouldn’t have been such a dick about it.

      1. People say this about almost evey anime reaction Aaron is apart of and its always wrong. People said this about Jujutsu Kaisen and Naruto, but he is on record of really liking those shows. Just because he finds some of the humour cringe rather than funny doesn’t mean he hates the show. You lot need to touch grass.

    2. Bruh he literally ends the reaction with “Shit its over?” cause he wanted to see more. Also people are allowed to dislike things. Just cause you like it doesn’t mean everyone has to.