Cobra Kai 1×10 Reaction

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  1. I mean, he did manipulate the rent of the entire strip mall over a petty disagreement with a childhood rival with zero consideration to the other people there.

    1. “petty disagreement” It’s petty to be upset over your BUSINESS being vandalized? You do know that Daniel’s livelihood is a local business that depends on having a good image and branding with the local community. Johnny vandalized Daniel’s billboard in a vulgar way, completely unprovoked. He did it because HE had a petty grudge against Daniel who had done nothing wrong to him. In fact, Daniel had JUST fixed his car for free. So we’re supposed to feel bad for Johnny when Daniel tries to up his rent? I don’t. I do feel bad for the other tenants, but it’s pointed out in that episode that Daniel was so focused on getting back at Johnny that he failed to see he was hurting others. Once his wife pointed out to Daniel what he did, Daniel felt bad and realized he had lost his way. That’s why he went to see Mr. Miyagi at the gravesite, and that’s why he started practicing karate again. He realized he wronged others because he was unbalanced by his bad feelings over Johnny. So yes, he was wrong, but he knows it and he sincerely regrets hurting those who did nothing wrong to him (the other tenants) and he actively does something to try to center himself again. So where’s that energy for Johnny, who has never once shown that he feels any remorse for all the things he did to Daniel when Daniel had done nothing wrong to him?

      You also call Johnny Daniel’s “childhood rival.” Is that what we call our ex-bullies who viciously harassed us and attacked us? Who pushed us off cliffs to fall to our potential death? Who brutally beat us, the weaker and smaller and untrained one, to the point of death if not for someone intervening? We call them “rivals”? Jeez. Daniel has every right to not have ANY good will towards Johnny. But guess what? When Daniel first saw Johnny, he was happy to see him. He hugged him, he talked fondly and teasingly about the tournament, he told him “I know that wasn’t you back then, that was Cobra Kai.” You see that? Daniel has forgiven Johnny, even though Johnny never apologized. Why? Because Daniel understands how corrupting Cobra Kai can be, especially after TKK3. He has no hard feelings towards Johnny, who he no longer associated with Cobra Kai. UNTIL. Until Johnny decides to bring Cobra Kai back. Now Daniel associates Johnny with Cobra Kai all over again. Cobra Kai attacked Daniel, manipulated him, deceived him, inflicted on him serious injury and trauma. There is nothing petty or exaggerated about his negative feelings about Cobra Kai, or about his concern and mistrust of Johnny’s intentions in bringing back Cobra Kai.

      1. It doesn’t matter. It’s looks worse that Daniel screwed over good people who weren’t even involved. Doesn’t matter what Johnny did, what Daniel did was far worse. It was just a little vandalism that would have died out after a few weeks anyway. Are you really trying to compare the two? Grow some common sense will you?

          1. Sorry, I responded to the wrong perrson. I meant the dude above you stanning for Daniel.