Cobra Kai 2×1 Reaction

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  1. ginuwine’s song is about a pony……well kinda sorta……so not about a big butt lol. and who taught rick hajime? is it just the anime rubbing off onto him? lol

  2. The rules of Miyagi-Do Karate from the wiki

    1. 空手無先手: Karate for Defense Only.
    Literally: Karate Mu Sente (Karate Doesn’t Make the First Move)

    2. 先正其心: First learn rule number 1.
    Literally: Saki Sei Sono Kokoro (Take the Previous Rule to Heart)

  3. The second rule means (literally): first guide his/her heart. It comes from an ancient Chinese book 礼记•大学, and is the second half of a sentence which reads “欲修其身者,先正其心” (If you want to improve your body, first guide your mind).
    At least that’s what it means in Mandarin. I mean no offense to speakers of Japanese if their interpretation differs.