Cobra Kai 3×10 Reaction

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  1. Damn still no one mentions when Miguel used Miagi Do training from part 2. When you blocked and punched at the same time. I really thought blindwave would be the crew to pick this up but you missed it haha

  2. They all go to Juvie, recruit/train from there. Silver buys them out via some charitable “City boys and girls club” BS. Silver buys out the entire strip mall and set up shop with Cobra Kai in the center of it all.

    Just thinking.

  3. Kreese better make sure Robbie is good enough on his own since the rest of his students are going to juvie. Tori would go to actual prison prison for committing breaking and entering, home invasion, and assault, all while on probation.

  4. I have watched other reactions some where others didnt know about Terry Silver coming back intil the moment Kreese calls him and still didnt seem that excited about you guys definitely have had the strongest reaction to hearing Terry Silver is coming into next season

  5. Eric, you’re not the only one, who likes Karate Kid 3. ? The writers know exactly, what we want to see, because they are fans of the movies. Just like we are.
    And I thjnk, Terry Silver will bring back Mike Barnes as well. As part of the training team.

  6. The music at Johnny vs Robby part is exact same music as Order 66 in Revenge of the Sith lmfao u can play them at same time and it will sync up at a certain point even go look

  7. At this point u guys should just knock out movie commentaries to the 3 karate kid films real quick so you have everything dealing w the franchise. Screw the next karate kid.

    Also suggestion for movie reaction is “ Never Back Down”. Pretty much more mature version on karate kid. Yous will love it.

  8. I think the breaking point for Hawk was when Kyler gave him a high five because they were kicking ass, and at that moment he realized that he was being congratulated by the same guy that put him into Cobra Kai in the first place. It was right after that moment that all of Johhny and Kreese’s lines start running through his head.

  9. It’s called felony murder. If someone is killed during the commission of the felony, anyone could be charged with murder. So if someone died there, and of the cobra kai kids could have been charged with felony murder.

  10. I think one of the biggest turning points for hawk is kyler just got done slamming moguel to the ground and went into a bro hug with hawk hawk was forced to realize how far he’s gone and assface was also getting pounded on literally all of the “weak” cobra kais were his friends and all of them were getting beaten down i definitely disagree with Eric saying its rushed it was not only foreshadowed but there was alot to push him to change in the moment