Cobra Kai 3×3 Reaction

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  1. Robbie is Johnny’s son! It’s wrong to put someone else’s son over your own, especially when you’ve repeatedly let your son down his whole life. You guys will literally excuse every terrible thing Johnny does.

    1. He didn’t do anything terrible, Robby is his blood. Miguel is also like his child, there was no right or wrong choice her. Shit happens and shit comes up and you have to decide what you’ll do when it does. He chose Miguel.

    2. How did he put Miguel over Robbie in this ep? He knew where Miguel was. He had no real clue as to where Robbie was. Yet he still went to visist Miguel only after the trail for Robbie went cold. If on his way to see Miguel he got the info, that Robbie showed up in the rehab, he probably would have turned the car around to go there.