Cobra Kai 3×5 Reaction

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  1. Why is everybody pushing all of the responsibility of fixing Daniel and Johnny’s relationship on Daniel? They’re both adults, and they both share the blame, yet everybody has Johnny’s dick so far down their throats.

  2. This show is so f’ing good. I am am 45 years old and it just hits in all the right spots. Just take a bag of nostalgia and hook it into my arm via IV and it would be the same.

  3. I can tell you, why Daniel doesn’t “see the signs”. The situation with Johnny is different. Chozen has already changed. He helps Daniel to learn and understand more about Miyagi’s karate. He also kind of apologized for his behavior. Johnny is angry and dismissive towards Daniel right from the beginning. Daniel reached out a hand in the very first episode but Johnny rejected it. Daniel thinks that Johnny hasn’t changed because Johnny always falls back into his old behaviors. Johnny never apologized to Daniel for what he did to him. So the main problem is that Johnny never opens up to Daniel, never apologizes and keeps being repellent. So please stop blaming Daniel all the time. Apart from that I really love your reactions and I can’t wait to watch the rest of the episodes with you. ?