Cobra Kai 3×6 Reaction

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  1. I’ve seen every karate kid movie that came out. Even the the next karate kid with hilary swank and the unfortunate remake with jaden smith. At 26 I may more I to karate kid movies and Cobra Kai then my older siblings who have also seen all the karate kid movies

  2. How can you not know, that karate’s bad boy’s name is Mike Barnes? ?? I love the Karate Kid movies since I was a kid and I always watch them, when they are on television. You can’t imagine, how excited I was, finding out, that there is a series with the same actors on YouTube. I freaked out and I loved it right from the start. The series is just great. And you may be right that it has to do with the age, that some people don’t like or appreciate all three/four movies.
    I’m not gonna spoil anything but you will love the last episode. ??

  3. I love Karate Kid 3! I agree its not a great film but Terry Silver and Mike Barnes are amazing villians and great villians can make a movie. But for me it also has the training montage with amazing soundtrack and I prefer the tournament scene in 3 to 1. “Ok to lose to opponent, not ok lose to fear” Amazing!

    Totally agree with what Rick was saying….Rocky 1 is the best film but i’m putting on Rocky 4 to watch….great villians make great movies!

    Great reaction to the Silver reveal!

  4. Once they showed that picture that Kreese was holding and saw that Twig was taller than Kreese and ponytail was shorter, I immediately suspected they were gonna do a Silver fakeout and of course they did LOL.

  5. Yep, they got me too. i have seen 1, 2 and 3. I actually forgot I had seen the 3rd one, until you guys starting talking about it during the 1st season. I remembered the parts you were talking about and thought “i guess I have seen it” I must have watched it at the theaters when it originally came out. I watched it recently and I definitely don’t appreciate as much as you guys do

  6. johnny is a lovable idiot but damn NO! that message was perfect man! and i liked the pictures, he looked good in them. at least post the angel wings graffetti its not an art gallery, its just on the street so dont see how that is fake but ok